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It's always great seeing the smile on my student’s faces when they finally understand something!



It’s great to work with young kids and help them learn new and exciting things each week.


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As I gained more experience as a tutor, I realised it is way more than that. It became a passion. Not only do you teach others but learn from others as well. I realised that you are not just their tutor, but their mentor as well. It is not just tutoring, but creating a fun and happy studying environment. There is nothing more satisfactory and motivating than seeing a student really studying hard and proud when they do well, but most of all, enjoying the experience of studying and learning.

Learning to read


​The best part about being a tutor is meeting a range of incredible young people, and having the opportunity to walk with them for a while through the rather daunting journey of highschool. It is fascinating to see how different students tackle different obstacles and assignments, and really encouraging to see them stand up and take on the challenges that come their way. The second best part is getting to know all of their adorable pets, mostly small, overly excited dogs that race up to say a friendly hello before the lesson begins. Tutoring this year has a been a new and amazing experience and I am excited about the future!

Male Teacher with Students


Being a tutor is rewarding because of the gratification you get when you see the child that you are tutoring work so hard and how proud they are of themselves once they an improvement in their marks.

Planting Seeds


My experience as a tutor this year has been quite enlightening. It has been my first real job and balancing my tutoring with my school work has been a challenging albeit rewarding experience. I thank Mandy, Theresa, the parents and the students who have entrusted me with this opportunity to grow.

English Tutor


​My experience as a tutor has been nothing but amazing. Working for Mandy and Thersea is absolutely fantastic. Tutoring brings me pure happiness when you see a child's face light up when they understand their work and nothing is better than helping the youth.

Tablet Learning


Being a tutor, has offered me the opportunity to learn more by helping others, and experience a different way to get to know people. My time as a tutor is great because I get to help others achieve their goals using my skills and what I know, which most people out there don't get the opportunity to do.

Woman Tutoring Child


Tutoring is a challenge for mind, body and soul! It tests your intelligence and helps you grow. As a tutor I've gained more than I have taught.  I have learnt to understand each student’s needs and behavior. Not one student is the same as another and so are their learning needs.

Classmates in the Library


My experience as a tutor this year has been more fun than work. After a few lessons working together the environment becomes more friendly, allowing the lessons to become more enjoyable. Receiving thanks from my pupils is greatly rewarding and it's great to see how my assistance improves their performance.



Tutoring, for me, has been quite interesting. I started it as what I figured was an easy way to make money. Turns out tutoring is actually quite a bit of work. Regardless I stuck with it and I've realised how rewarding tutoring really is.

Math Tutoring


Being a tutor is more than just about facilitating and supplementing the whole learning experience, it's about making a meaningful change in the students life and that is a very rewarding experience.

Stand Up Meeting


Being a tutor is an amazing opportunity. As a tutor you get to extend your knowledge, help others and make an income. 

Home education


The company is organised and Professional. Tutors are provided with support and encouragement throughout. 



One-to-one tuition is great, as you can adapt your tutorials to the student, giving them the best understanding possible, with no wasted time on things they know. It's also very rewarding as you can see the pupils confidence grow over time and their progression throughout the academic year is really something to be proud of.

Lecture Hall Tutor


Tutoring has been a unique experience for me. Learning is a challenge on its own, however passing on knowledge is a task well worth the effort! Through assisting others with their learning process I’ve gained insight into the different ways in which people retain knowledge, in addition to this I’ve learnt a lot about myself.

Elementary School Teacher


My experience of being a tutor has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. It means so much to be able to play an active role in the betterment of an individual. Tutoring gives children - bring the leaders of tomorrow - the tools they need to reach their full potential; which in turn will create a better future.

Woman Tutoring Child


For me, tutoring has been a very rewarding experience, despite only having done it for a few months thus far. I have enjoyed being able to impart knowledge while learning so much myself along the way.

English Tutor


‘utoring has been one of the most rewarding and inspiring things that I have ever done. Not only have I had the privilege to meet and work with some incredible, bright children and their parents but I’ve also had the opportunity to learn more and grow as an individual.



As a tutor I have learnt to be more patient and change the way I approach situations to better an outcome. Being a tutor has been the most rewarding things thus far in life. 



I only started my journey tutoring a few months ago, however, it has been extremely rewarding to see the progress made and the willingness of my student to do better. I am thrilled to continue helping more students succeed in the future.

Working on School Project


My experience as a tutor has been absolutely incredible. Working with such enduring young minds has been my privilege and making my small impact has truly been a tremendous growing experience. 

Computer Class


Tutoring has given me an opportunity to invest in someone's present as well as their future which is something that makes me feel fulfilled after every lesson.

Male Teacher with Students


Being a tutor takes patience and dedication but the rewards are phenomenal. To see students build confidence and start to enjoy their work is a wonderful experience.

Home Tutoring


​It has been great working with the students. Watching them grow through their quality of work has been a great privilege.



Tutors are teachers to the students at the same time the student is the teacher in other respects. Every student I have had, has taught me something along the way.

Woman Tutoring Child


Tutoring has given me a chance to share my knowledge to others. It allows me to gain experience and confidence as well as allowing me to help others. I am grateful to Tutors at Your Service for providing me with the opportunity to be a tutor 

English Tutor


The most enriching part of being a tutor is being able to watch a child discover they're capabilities and to give them confidence in facing their weaknesses  and encourage them in their strengths.

Male Teacher with Students


Being a tutor has been an amazing experience. There is nothing quite like the light of understanding shining in a child's eyes and knowing you put it there. 



I would say as a tutor I have had a great experience and I have learned a lot. I really enjoyed helping my students and making their school work a little bit easier.


Private Tutor


I am currently a third year student at UJ, studying Biokinetics. I have a strong interest in children and I plan on doing a  year of teacher after I have honoured in Biokinetics. This year I Tutored in the spare time. Being a tutor in 2018 was an awesome experience.  I enjoyed every lesson and I enjoyed getting to know my student each time. After providing guidance to the student and positive outcomes which came after that in her results I felt happiness and was eager to help put even more

Tutoring Session


Tutoring for me has truly been an awesome experience. I really enjoy the priceless expressions that I get from my students when they finally understand some things that have been bothering them for a long time. 


Through tutoring, I am getting the opportunity to solidify my knowledge base on things that I learnt in the past. I also get the opportunity to re-study and fill up the knowledge gaps on certain concepts that I didn't fully grasp when I myself was at my students' level. 


The best feeling by far is really the message if gratitude from my students when they get their results back and they have done well because of the help they receive.

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